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Thesis and Dissertation Editing Service

Hello. I’m David Kowalski. I provide proofreading and editing for academic papers (limited to grammar, punctuation, and style), websites, and other needs.

My Qualifications as Proofreader and Editor

I have been a certified English teacher who taught high school and middle school students.

As a graduate of the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, I have also preached sermons for many years in the pastorate, taught students through correspondence at Global University, written two books (including Absolutes or Not? for Global University), and contributed articles to the Encyclopedia of Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity (Berkshire Publishing).

In addition, I have written over 100 articles for the Apologetics Index website.

Satisfied Customers

I have professionally edited papers and doctoral dissertations, as well as a website.

My proofreading and editing service customers range from students and graduates to authors and business professionals.

How I Work

I live and work in Springfield, Missouri, but I can work with you through Dropbox. I supplement this with time spent on the phone or in person. I tailor my proofreading and editing service to your needs.

My Proofreading and Editing Rates

I charge $40 per hour.

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